Basic Tournament Mode


HITMAPSā„¢ Tournaments Match

HITMAPS Tournaments matches do not use Basic Tournament Mode. If you're looking for help on how to officiate a match handled by HITMAPS Tournaments, check out HITMAPSā„¢ Tournaments Match

Starting Basic Tournament Mode

  1. Click "Generate Spin"
  1. Click "Enable Tournament Mode"
  1. Click "Start Basic Match"


  1. Respins the entire spin, and also selects a new mission based on the missions selected in the "Mission Select" tab
  2. Provides a stream overlay to show on YouTube videos or Twitch streams
  3. Disables tournament mode and returns the page to the basic roulette
  4. Clears the spin that is displayed on the participant view and removes the timer
  5. Copies a link to the participant's read-only view to your clipboard so it can be sent to the participant
  6. Sets the length of the match, or removes the time limit entirely
  7. Sets the time the spin should go live (in your local time zone). Setting a match time in the past will result in the spin appearing immediately.
  8. Sends the spin to the participant(s)
  9. Basic match status for the most recent action